new Images

Abell 1060 cluster

New photographic images

AAT 14b.    The 'Fox Fur' nebula and S Monocerotis
AAT 31a.    The Hourglass nebula and NGC 6530
AAT 103.    The Leo triplet of galaxies
AAT 104.    NGC 6231, the Sco OB association
AAT 105.    IC 4628, emission nebula
AAT 106.    NGC 6723, globular cluster
AAT 107.    NGC 2437-8, M46, planetary nebula in open cluster
AAT 108.    IC 2948 emission nebula
AAT 109.    NGC 2899, planetary nebula
AAT 110.    NGC 6781, planetary nebula
AAT 111.    NGC 6752, globular cluster
AAT 112.    Messier 67, NGC 2682, an open cluster
AAT 113.    Messier 93, NGC 2447, an open cluster
AAT 114.    NGC 6242, an open cluster
AAT 115.    Random starfield
AAT 116.    Abell 1060, a nearby cluster of galaxies
AAT 117.    Halley's Comet, April 9-10, 1986 (AAT image)

UKS 2b.     The position of the Vela pulsar
UKS 18.     The Pleiades cluster (with star names on mouseover)
UKS 31.     The Virgo cluster core, (wide field, includes M84, M86 and M87
UKS 32.      Centaurus A (NGC 5128) field (wide field, portrait format)
UKS 32a.    Wide field image of Centaurus A (NGC 5128) (wide field, landscape format)
UKS 33.      Comet Hyukatake, March, 1996
UKS 34.      Halley's Comet on April 9-10, 1986 (UKST image)
UKS 35.      A random field of stars in Pavo
UKS 36.      The spiral galaxy NGC 6744 in Pavo
UKS 37.      The extended tail of the CrA reflection nebula
UKS 38.     The proper motion of Proxima Centauri (mouseover)
INT 3.         The southern arm of M31
Caltech M31. Widefield photograph of M31

New, wide-field versions of existing telescope images

AAT 7a.      A radio galaxy, Centaurus A, (NGC 5128, wide field)
AAT 8a.      The spiral galaxy, Messier 83, NGC 5236 (wide field view)
AAT 10a.    A young open cluster, NGC 3293 (wide field view)
AAT 12a.    The Trifid Nebula in Sagittarius, Messier 20 (wide field, landscape format)
AAT 14a.    NGC 2264, the Cone nebula and S Monocerotis
AAT 15a.    A planetary nebula, the Helix, NGC 7293, wider field
AAT 15b.    A planetary nebula, the Helix, NGC 7293, no unsharp mask
AAT 17a.    The spiral galaxy, NGC 2997 (wide field view)
AAT 19a.    The Orion Nebula, M42, and M43. (wide field view)
AAT 19b.    The Orion Nebula, M42, and M43, no unsharp mask
AAT 34a.    A reflection nebula in Orion, NGC 1977 (wide field, square format)
AAT 35a.    The Rosette nebula and NGC 2244 (centred, wide field view)
AAT 36a.    The Horsehead Nebula and NGC 2023, (wide field, landscape format)
AAT 38a.    NGC 3576 and 3603, nebulae in Carina (wide field, landscape format)
AAT 56a.    The Sculptor group galaxy NGC 300, wide field view
AAT 69a.    Reflection nebulosity around the Trifid Nebula (wide field, landscape format)
AAT 71a.    Colour picture of CG4, a cometary globule.(wide field, landscape format)
AAT 76a.    The globular cluster 47 Tucanae (NGC 104), (wide field view)
AAT 76b.    The globular cluster 47 Tuc (NGC 104, wide field, landscape format)
AAT 78a.    The Vela supernova remnant (wide field view, no satellite trail)
AAT 78b.    Part of the Vela supernova remnant (wide field view, with satellite trail)
AAT 85a.    Wide field view M17m NGC 6618
AAT 89a.    Wide field view of Omega Centauri, NGC 5189
AAT 89b.    NGC 5139, Wide field view of Omega Centauri, landscape format
AAT 100a.  Messier 104, the Sombrero galaxy (wide field, landscape format)
AAT 102a.  NGC 55, an edge-on Sculptor group galaxy, slightly wider view
UKS 2a.     The Vela supernova remnant and part of the Gum nebula
UKS 6a.     The Great Nebula in Carina, NGC 3372, wide field view
UKS 13a.   The Fornax cluster of galaxies, wide field view
UKS 14.     The Large Magellanic Cloud See new zoom feature
UKS 14a.   The north and eastern parts of the Large Magellanic Cloud
UKS 15a.   Around the Tarantula nebula in the Large Magellanic Cloud
UKS 17a.   The Small Magellanic Cloud, high resolution image
UKS 18a.   The Pleiades reflection nebula, wide field
UKS 26a.   Between the Trifid and Lagoon nebulae
UKS 37a.   The extended tail of the Corona Australis nebula

New CCD images (see also AAT CCD images page)

Tektronix CCD

AAT-CCD 1.   Around the nucleus of M83 (NGC 5236)
AAT-CCD 2.   The Cartwheel, interacting galaxies in Sculptor
AAT-CCD 3.   NGC 4038-39, the galaxies of "The Antennae"
AAT-CCD 4.   NGC 6559, emission and reflection nebula in Sagittarius
AAT-CCD 5.   IC 5332, a faint, face-on spiral galaxy
AAT-CCD 6.   NGC 6744, a Milky Way-like spiral galaxy


AAT-CCD 7.    Orion nebula imaged in narrow emission lines
AAT-CCD 8.    NGC 5189 imaged in narrow emission lines

MIT/Lincoln Labs CCD

AAT-CCD 9.     NGC 1714, accidental colours in the Large Magellanic Cloud
AAT-CCD 10.   NGC 908, spiral galaxy in Cetus
AAT-CCD 11.   NGC 1055, a dusty edge-on spiral galaxy
AAT-CCD 12.   M77 (NGC 1068), A spiral galaxy with faint outer ring
AAT-CCD 13.   NGC 1097, a barred spiral galaxy and elliptical companion
AAT-CCD 14.   NGC 1300, the archetypal barred spiral galaxy
AAT-CCD 15.   NGC 1808, a nearby active (Seyfert) galaxy (image in preparation)
AAT-CCD 16.   NGC 2014, Henize 55 in the Large Magellanic Cloud
AAT-CCD 17.   Part of M78, NGC 2068 in Orion

New star trails and nightsky pictures (for more detail please see Star trails page)

Dawn and evening twilights reflected in the AAT dome
The view to the north from Siding Spring
Orion's belt rising over the lights of Coonabarabran
South celestial pole star trails
North celestial pole star trails
North and South celestial poles star trails
Sunset 'star' trail, the track of the setting sun
Mt Pinatubo dust affects sky colours at sunset
Moonset into cloud over the Warrumbungle Range
Pinatobo sunset colours reflected in AAT dome
The Milky Way in Scorpius, Ara and Norma
The UK Schmidt buildings (foreground) and the AAT at Siding Spring
The AAT dome (forground) and the UK Schmidt building
The 1.2m UK Schmidt Telescope

Updated 2003 January 2