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Spiral galaxy NGC 1300
About AAT CCD images
Tektronix CCD
AAT-CCD 1.   Around the nucleus of M83 (NGC 5236)
AAT-CCD 2.   The Cartwheel, interacting galaxies in Sculptor
AAT-CCD 3.   NGC 4038-39, the galaxies of "The Antennae"
AAT-CCD 4.   NGC 6559, emission and reflection nebula in Sagittarius
AAT-CCD 5.   IC 5332, a faint, face-on spiral galaxy
AAT-CCD 6.   NGC 6744, a Milky Way-like spiral galaxy

AAT-CCD 7.   Orion nebula imaged in narrow emission lines
AAT-CCD 8.   NGC 5189 imaged in narrow emission lines

MIT/Lincoln Labs CCD
AAT-CCD 9.     NGC 1714, accidental colours in the Large Magellanic Cloud
AAT-CCD 10.   NGC 908, spiral galaxy in Cetus
AAT-CCD 11.   NGC 1055, a dusty edge-on spiral galaxy
AAT-CCD 12.   M77 (NGC 1068), A spiral galaxy with faint outer ring
AAT-CCD 13.   NGC 1097, a barred spiral galaxy and elliptical companion
AAT-CCD 14.   NGC 1300, the archetypal barred spiral galaxy
AAT-CCD 16.   NGC 2014, Henize 55 in the Large Magellanic Cloud
AAT-CCD 17.   Part of M78, NGC 2068 in Orion

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