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Long Term Programs on the AAT

Rules for Long Term Applications to ATAC

All applicants for observing time on the AAT are encouraged to consider requesting "Long Term" status from the Australian Time Assignment Committee (ATAC) for their proposals. Successful Long Term applications will be awarded time in the upcoming semester, and a provisional time allocation for future semesters. In addition, they will not be required to lodge a full proposal submission for semesters in which they have already been pre-allocated time. However, a progress report may be requested by ATAC at various stages during the completion of the program. A current Long Term proposal may be re-submitted in full, should the applicants require an additional allocation over and above that awarded previously. ATAC reserves the right to withdraw Long Term status if for any reason they are unsatisfied with the progress of the program.

Note that the concept of Long Term status does not apply solely to programs which may run over the course of several years; rather, the intention is to see that more programs get all the time they need in order to meet their scientific goals, and to improve the efficiency of the time allocation meetings by not having to review these same proposals every semester. For example, a program which requires observing time in only two consecutive semesters (e.g., to observe a complete sample of targets) may be awarded Long Term status. A proposal which fails to get Long Term status may still be re-submitted in the normal way each semester.

If you wish your proposal to be considered for Long Term status, please indicate this on the AAT proposal form (Question 3), and then detail your time requirements in this and future semesters in your technical justification.

Extended Science Case

The conditions under which an expanded (up to 5 pages) science case may be submitted in support of a Long Term proposal to ATAC are detailed in Section 8 of the most recent ATAC Guidelines. In all such cases, the Principal Investigator must first seek permission from the ATAC Secretary, Ms Helen Woods (hmw -@- aao.gov.au) before the proposal deadline.

Current Long Term programs

The following programs have Long Term status from ATAC. Those marked with * are Large Observing Programs (50n or more). Programs in italics are Target of Opportunity only.

Program ID Title PI Allocation
ATAC/13B/12*The OzDES survey: dissecting dark energy with novel combinations of deep imaging and spectroscopyLidman12 nights in 2013B, 16 nights in 2014B, 20 nights in 2015B, 24 nights in 2016B, 28 nights in 2017B
ATAC/14A/25*The GALAH SurveyMartell35 nights in 2014A, 35 nights in 2014B

Sarah Martell, AAT Technical Secretary, aatts -@- aao.gov.au