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Applying for AAT Telescope Time through ATAC

The main proposal deadline for AAT time in Semester 14B (August 2014 - January 2015) is:
  Monday, 17 March 2014, at 17:00
(Australian Eastern Daylight Time, i.e. UTC + 11 hrs).

Proposals to ATAC can be submitted from 1 March 2014 through until the deadline using the AAT online proposal form, and are welcomed from all astronomers worldwide.

Important notes for 14B applicants

How to Apply for AAT Time - the Basic Steps

  1. All ATAC applicants should check the latest Instrument Availability and other recent policy announcements. If you require further clarification on any issue, then please contact the AAT Technical Secretary, Sarah Martell (aatts -@- aao.gov.au).
  2. Special rules apply for proposals seeking time as an override on another program's time, as well as those seeking long term status. Proposals requiring at most 6 hours of observing time should be submitted to the AAO's Service Observing program.
  3. Prepare your main proposal offline, including an abstract, target list, science case, and technical justification. The science case and technical justification together should be, in PDF format, no more than three pages total, with two pages for the science case and one page for technical justification. The split into two pages science, plus one page technical, is a change from previous semesters. Those three pages should include all references and figures, use 11pt font (or larger), and have at least 10mm margins. Colour figures are accepted. There is a 2 Mb file-size limit on all three-page science case PDF uploads. Other document formats will not be accepted.

    The limit for pre-approved Long-Term programs is five pages and 3 Mb file-size. Please contact the ATAC Secretary, Helen Woods (hmw -@- aao.gov.au) well in advance of submitting this kind of proposal.

    The limit for pre-approved Large Observing Programs is ten pages and also 3 Mb file-size. Please contact the AAO Director (director -@- aao.gov.au) well in advance of submitting this kind of proposal.

    Care should be taken to ensure that your science case includes the following elements:
    • Full Technical Details, outlining how you derived your time estimates, observing constraints, and any special requests should be included in the scientific case (no more than one page, preferably under a separate section heading).
    • If your proposal seeks time on two instruments, outline carefully the relative requirements of the different instrument set-ups, including the split in observing time between the instruments.
    • If the observations are essential to the completion of a student's PhD thesis, then a full explanation must be given in the science case. No special consideration is given to proposals involving PhD students, except when attempting to schedule proposals near the cut-off, when some priority may be given.
  4. A list of the principal targets (field centres for AAOmega+2dF programs) should be prepared as a separate PDF document. The target list should contain target name, RA (h m s), Dec (d m s), target brightness, and priority (A LaTeX template for a table of targets can be found here). There is a 2 Mb file-size and 2-page limit for this target list PDF file. Other document formats will not be accepted.

  5. When your proposal details are ready, submit your application to ATAC (by 5PM March 17, 2014) through the AAT online proposal form. Note that it is possible to Save a partially-completed form and return to it later. However, we strongly recommend that you keep your own record of the information entered into the form.

Observing semesters and closing dates:

Semester Observing Dates Proposal Deadline AATAC meeting
14B 1 Aug 2014 - 31 Jan 2015 17 March 2014 May 2014
15A 1 Feb 2015 - 31 Jul 2015 15 Sep 2014 Nov 2014

Contacting the ATAC Secretariat:

The Secretary, ATAC
Australian Astronomical Observatory
PO Box 915 
North Ryde  NSW 1670

Phone:  +61 (0)2 9372 4812 Fax:  +61 (0)2 9372 4880
Email enquiries:
Helen Woods (hmw -@- aao.gov.au)

Sarah Martell, AAT Technical Secretary, aatts -@- aao.gov.au