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Observer Travel and Accommodation

Need to advise travel requirements for your next observing run? Use our Observer Travel Notification Form to book Coonabarabran accommodation and let us know where you will be staying in Sydney.

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Visa requirements

Observers who do not travel on an Australian passport MUST hold a valid VISA to enter AUSTRALIA.

From the UK

You may need supporting documentation for your visa application, so you should contact the STFC Central Office in Swindon for assistance well in advance of your travel.

It can take several weeks to obtain both a new UK passport plus Australian visa, so think ahead.

From elsewhere

Observers from other parts of the world should contact the nearest Australian Consulate for an appropriate visa.

The Australian Government's Department of Immigration and Citizenship provides an online service for visitor Visa applications. This is referred to as Electronic Travel Authority, application available at http://www.eta.immi.gov.au/

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