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ICT Conditions of Use for AAO visitors

The Australian Astronomical Observatory is a division of the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education. As such, our computer network is owned and operated by the government, and this imposes additional rules and regulations upon all staff and visitors.

In general, government ICT security rules would prohibit visitors from using our network, and certainly it is not usually possible for visitors to connect their own equipment to a government network.

Given the nature of the AAO’s business, there is a clear business case to allow for our visitors to use our facilities and to connect their own computers to our network. The AAO has received waivers to the normal government rules to allow this to happen. We do ask that all our visitors are careful to use these facilities only for the intended purpose. Any misuse may expose the user to criminal action and other sanctions, and could put at risk the waivers that allow this use by all visitors.

There is zero tolerance by the government for misuse of ICT facilities, and being a government network, consequences may be far more severe than those for a similar breach elsewhere. We monitor and log most network activity.

Some of the rule waivers in place do not apply to staff members, so we do ask that you be sensitive to this. For example, staff are prohibited from connecting their own PC to the network, and are not permitted to use non AAO email services at work.

You may use the AAO ICT facilities to:

ICT users must not use the AAO’s ICT Facilities and Resources to access, display, download, create, distribute, copy or store illegal or offensive material.

Examples of this type of action include, but are not limited to:

ICT users must not use the AAO’s ICT Facilities and Resources in the following manner: