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AAOmega - 2dF MOS

AAT Instrument.

In Brief: Fed by the 2dF fibre positioning system, the dual-beam (blue and red arm) AAOmega spectrograph allows the acquisition of up to 392 simultaneous spectra of objects anywhere within a two degree field on the sky.
The AAOmega spectrograph can also be fed by the SPIRAL IFU feed.
Instrument Scientist: Sarah Brough - aaomega_instsci@aao.gov.au
Manual: On-line manuals and information
Other Info:

AAOmega home page

Proposal preparation tools

How To prepare for an AAOmega-2dF observing run

Service observations:

A service program is available for projects requiring < 6 hrs.


2xE2V 2024x4096 CCDs (note that dispersion is along the 2k axis)

Focal Station:

Prime focus

Spectral Resolution*:

R= 1,300 to 8,000(*) (MOS mode, x1.5 greater with the SPIRAL IFU)
See the AAOmega gratings page for more information on the available resolutions.

Fibre diameter:

140mm -> 2.1 arcsec


See the AAOmega gratings page and the AAOmega Grating calculator for more information on the VPH gratings available.


AAOmega S/N Calculator (MOS mode)
*Spectral Resolution, R, measured as lambda/delta_lambda, delta_lambda = Instrumental Resolution

Sarah Brough (sb@aao.gov.au)